Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FHI Hair Dryer

So about 3 weeks ago my Vidal Sassoon (a VS525 Professional Hair Dryer) hair dryer died :( It was at the most critical time too, my goddaughter's christening. Fortunately, I had an older Hot Tools hair dryer, however...it took me like half an hour to dry my hair. Hot Tools is definitely a no-go with me, I've been through 3 of them! Each of my Hot Tools hair dryers started sparking up and smelled like I was burning my hair right before they broke. I've been through too many hair dryers so I figured it was time to splurge a little, so last week, with the assistance of an Ulta consultant, I purchased an FHI Nano Weight Pro 1800 hair dryer.It's only been 1 week since I've been using the hair dryer, but I can definitely say that there's a world of difference between a more expensive, professional hair dryer vs. the more affordable, every day hair dryer. I've never been a believer of all the big name hair tools, but now I've converted, haha! The FHI dryer dries my hair in less than 8 mintues, awesome! (That means I can sleep in a little more in the mornings.) The best part about this dryer is after I'm done drying my hair, I don't need to run a straightener through my hair afterwards, but I still run a straightener through my bangs. This hair dryer still isn't perfect though-there's only a Hot and a Cool setting, no Warm setting. The Hot can get really HOT, so I find myself constantly switching between the two settings. I was able to get the hair dryer for a great price with a 20% off coupon at Ulta, it was only $85 with tax included.

I'm still saving my pretty pennies for a better hair dryer, like the Super Solano!! Please let me know if there's another blow dryer that you think I might be more satisfied with. Also, I'll have to update you on the newest hair product I'm using, samy's FAT Hair (thanks Julie!) I've only been using it 3 days now, I'm gonna give another week before I tell you more about it.

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J said...

I hope that the product works for you! I have never tried it but I thought it was worth a try!! YAY!! you love pro hair tools now! hehe.. im so bad! but its so worth it!!