Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is Sarah Palin starting a new eyewear trend?

What's all the hype about our republican running mate Palin's specs? Sarah Palin's not only running for vice president, but she's also starting a huge eyewear trend! She recently updated her look with a new pair of rimless Kawasaki Kazuo glasses by Italee. She sure does like those rimless frames, here's a comparision of her old glasses...

to her new ones...
I definitely like the new specs better, the previous pair are just a little outdated. If I had seen her new frames alone, I would've thought "too masculine and the lenses are too big." However, Sarah Palin surprisingly pulls the look off well; she looks trendy yet very professional.

For those how are interested in purchasing a pair of Palin's frames, here's the 411:

Designer: Kazuo Kawasaki by Italee
Series: 704
Color: 34 Gray
Price: $375-$700 (depending on the lenses you put in them)

You can select from a variety of rimless designs by Kazuo Kawasaki, you can choose your own lens shape and temple design. That way you can have Palin's look with your own personal touch!


J said...

oooh! yes i like her new specs much better. hopefully shes starting a trend.. eyeglasses are cool! haha :)

SHE said...

I totally agree lil one...those glasses are too big and slightly too masculine for a former runner-up beauty pagent...your dad would look soooo much better wearing those =)